Not Going to be in Kansas Anymore

Retrieve the anchor and raise the mast, sailors, because ModernDayMagellan is officially shipping out to Costa Rica. The idea of uprooting and moving to another country has got me all varieties of excited, especially since I’ll get to continue exploring in a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

Why am I consolidating my possessions to consist of nothing more than a couple boxes and a backpack you might ask? Well, the honest answer is because I don’t have much to begin with, but mostly because I will be working for Costa Rica Outward Bound as a Marketing Coordinator/Social Media Manager (it feels nice to be justified in capitalizing a job title for once).

My duties (to name a few):

+ Update the Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/YouTube accounts

+ Write posts for the blog

+ Monitor website traffic using Google Analytics

+ Create and keep track of online marketing campaigns

+ Boost organic search engine rankings for related keywords (search engine optimization)

I’m not listing these for purposes of self-aggrandizement but to solicit feedback from anyone reading this about potential tools or resources I could use to do my job better. There are so many nifty Twitter/Facebook apps, really good SEO tutorials/webinars, but are there any that you know of or use? What about cool plugins or features for your own blog? If you were around 16-21 years old as a student on one of our courses, what would make you want to share your experience online?

I also really want to see if I can possibly get some higher quality photos/video footage since I’ll be going on courses and interviewing people. So if you know of any grant programs through either manufacturers or other non-profits that subsidize spending on gear like that, let me know. It would be cool to head down there armed with some brand new DSLR cameras instead of the FlipCam currently used to inadequately capture everyone’s adventures.

I have been wonderfully surprised to hear from so many of my friends/family that happen to know people with some sort of connection to Costa Rica and I fully intend to utilize those contacts. Again, if you know people down yonder who might be willing to help in any way, don’t hesitate to direct them to me. Thanks in advance for the help and ideas. And be sure to stay on board as updates continue!

Sneak peek of my new house


One response to “Not Going to be in Kansas Anymore

  1. I can hook you up with a former coworker of mine in the SF Bay Area, Danny Galas. When we worked together at, he was the main SEO guy and he knows that crap inside & out. I will contact him and get back to you.

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