Two-Wheelin’ the West Coast

It’s not uncommon for small business ideas to go from the incubator to hatching while drinking a couple beers in a foreign country. This one is no different.

I met Baker about 6 months ago in Granada, Nicaragua where he’s been living for the past 5 years. Sharing our experiences of living and working abroad led to a lot of “I know exaaactly what you mean.” and “True. So true, man.” and “Why DO they do that?”. Life in Central America presents a very quirky set of problems and triumphs so when you find one of your own rare species, it’s like finding a unicorn… that can talk and pour more beer into your mug when it’s empty.

Having started Bicimaximo a couple years ago, Baker has been offering daily bike rentals and day tours throughout the city for awhile. When I became a part of the equation as someone who knew what it was like to guide mutli-day cycling trips, we decided to partner up and take Bicimaximo to the next level. We both went to the business school. We’re both dedicated to doing something that has a strong social mission; otherwise, what’s the point, right? The moral of the story: Things clicked and now we’re ready to give it a shove in the forward direction.

The idea itself, as well as my ride up the coast to promote it and make some connections, is described on the features page Two-Wheelin’ the West Coast. I’ve talked to a lot of people who are curious to see how things evolve so for those that want to follow, be sure to look there for semi-regular updates. All I have is a camera with a broken screen so don’t expect top-shelf photographic content, by the way.


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