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bunyan velo screenshotAnytime I see photos of rock climbers dangling from a rope hundreds of feet above ground, or a surfer doing incomprehensible airs off  mammoth waves I think, “So goddamn cool, but totally impossible.” Adventure biking (in broad terms), however, fits into the category of, “So goddamn cool, but totally possible.” This aspect of achievability makes it exciting to me, especially since I’ve done a bit myself.

As someone who travels and rides a bike for a living, Bunyan Velo is an online magazine I’m more than willing to highlight.

According to the editor:

Bunyan Velo is a quarterly collection of photographs, essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle. The authors in this issue present terrific reflections on two-wheeled travel. Some begin their journey in a remote destination on the other side of the world; others start in their own backyard. All ultimately forge a lasting connection with the people and places passed by their handlebars.

I just browsed their 3rd issue and there’s some great content: beautiful, blood-stirring photos attached to inspiring stories of people having amazing travel experiences on two wheels. Submit an article, you say? I just might.


2 responses to “Biking + Travel From New Online Mag

  1. Does traveling via bicycle through the air into a lake count? If so, I have quite a catalog of Camp Reed bike jump pics to submit.

    • The way I see it a bike in the air is still a bike. I do, however, feel like a more appropriate place to publish such content would be an annual Camp Reed magazine called the Tweedle Times featuring airborne counselors, ridiculous costumes, and The Biz flexing his muscles.

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