Cordillera Blanca | Peru

The summer of ’09 I travelled to Peru alone and found myself immensely drawn to the idea of hiking through the Cordillera Blanca, a famous section of the Andes known for its high density of 6,000 meter peaks.

As amazing as the breathtaking views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains and the self-defining independence were, the moment that resonated the most came from a Peruvian man tending his small farm in the foothills. Unsure where the next campsite was, I asked him where to go. After adjusting the bundle of twigs strapped to his back and pawing the sweat from his glistening brow, he responded with a simple yet oddly reassuring,

Sigue explorar.

Keep exploring, he told me. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since. This site is dedicated to continual exploration in its many forms. Like I say below, “whether it’s a relationship, a hobby, a job, or what lies beyond the next bend in the road, just keep exploring. That’s it. Everything has been simplified. If I’m passionate about something and feel innately drawn to it, I know to pursue it, without fear, just like a gorgeous campsite tucked away in the Andes of Peru.”

This audio clip describes my transformative experience in more detail. You can also read about it.

About me: I’m an Outward Bound Instructor / Mountain Bike Guide / Social Media Alchemist currently living in Costa Rica. Born and raised in Washington State, I’m mighty fond of the Pacific Northwest, outdoor tomfoolery, a good story, and people that are interested in too many things to sit still for very long. Here you’ll find tales of travel, tips on visiting Central America, and discoveries of my continual exploration


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