Asinine Tourist Questions

People pay to go on holiday so that they can relax and enjoy some time away from phone calls, emails, and meetings. I get that. What I don’t get is how often generally intelligent people can come up with such an impressive amount of asinine questions just because there happens to be a guide. Someone please do a social study on the group tourist mentality – I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ll see reduced brain activity. If only they could hear themselves sometimes.

Disclaimer: I’m definitely the annoying person asking tons of questions during a tour, and admittedly, am probably guilty of similar thoughtlessness.

An ongoing list…

What’s the deal with those yellow flowers?

Upon seeing a motorcyclist sticking one leg out slightly while riding: Why does he have his leg like that?

Upon looking at a field guide of Costa Rican birds: So does that one fly?

How do they pick coffee beans by hand?

Upon looking at a truck full of plantain bundles, each clearly of different proportions: How many grow on each bundle?

So that plant plays dead when you touch it? Is that so dogs don’t pee on it?

How many pounds can an ox like that pull?

Standing in front of the reception desk at a hotel: Who do I ask for towels around here?

Britten, can you order me a cerveza?


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